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Safety Systems to suit any application from standard roof areas, abseil access to fixed mono rail systems and many more.  All Systems are professionally designed and either meet or exceed Australian Standards at all times. It is the commitment of Walkways Systems Australia to be the leaders in the field of safe, professionally designed and compliant systems.


Walkway Systems Australia range of roof walkway to suit any application. Products such as galvanised and Aluminium systems with the ability to match existing walkways if required.  Also the revolutionary FRP Walkway.  FRP Walkway with a list of benefits over other systems such as durability, minimal roof penetrations and can be easily adapted to suit the most difficult areas. 


Walkway Systems Australia range of products not only incorporate permanent roof safety systems, but also temporary anchors that do not penetrate the roof surface. Tripods will give access to vertical decent areas and can be fitted with a rescue winch.  Our Davit system whether it be permanent or temporary and to suit some of the most difficult areas to access.


Ask us about our range of rescue systems such as the GOTCHA product.


One of the most important things when working at height is if a person falls connected to a safety system there must be a quick, safe and effective way of rescue for that person, by eliminating the risk to not only the person restrained by the safety system but also the person carrying out the rescue. 

Our Self Retractable Lifelines by Latchways are intended for use when mobility is needed and fall protection is required. The innovative design and modern construction of the Latchway devise allows for quick and easy on-site inspection as well as full re certification, resulting in the most cost effective self-retractable lifeline available.


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