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Providing the most innovative products complying with Australian Standards


Contact us for a Quote! We are always happy to assist.

  • Contact our Admin on - Karenwalkway@internode.on.on

  • Technical Questions - Call Dale on - 0416 012 050

  • Any and all other inquiries Call Zac on - 0409 001 053

Safety Systems, Anchor Points, Static Lines, Abseil Anchors, Ladders, Pull Down Ladders, Hand Rails, Platforms ,Steps, Temporary Systems, Access Hatches, Fire Proof Access Hatches, PPE, Harnesses, Kits, Lanyards, Rescue kits, Slings, Height Safety, Fall Prevention, Walkway, Guardrail, Aluminium products, Training, Design, Non Slip, Gates, Shock Absorbers, Davit, Adjustable Rope Lines, karabiners, Re certification, Commercial, Industrial, Personal Protective Equipment, Gorter, Australian Standards, Fixed Rail Systems, Ladder Grip, Fibreglass, Grating, Metal Products, Stainless Steel, Ladder Lines, Brackets, Snap Hook, Innovative Products, Attic, Retro Fit, Surface Mount, Purlins, Safety Nets, Fall Restraint, Fall Arrest, Government, Flashings, Tactiles, Warning Tactiles, Non Slip, Antislip, Tactile Pads, Tactile Plates, Directional Bars, Visually Impaired. 

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